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UltraFire WF-188 3.2V Lifepo4/3.7V li-ion Batteri laddare. En laddare som är lämpad när man använder skyddade(Protected) 18650 celler. Output: DC3.2V/3.7V 600mA Charging: 2x DC3.2V/3.7V 300mA, 2x DC3.2V/3.7V 600mA Timer protection 9h Power consumption 9W max Size(mm): 145(L)X 65(W)X35(H) Features of wf-188: 1.compatible with most 3.2V lifepo4 and 3.7V li-ion batteries,like AA,cr123,18650,32500,D type etc 2.lnternational input Voltage AC100-240V 50-60Hz 3.Built-in auto cut off device 4.built-in timer protection 9h 5.green & red led lndicators for standby, charging and complete status 6.can be selected 3.2V or 3.7V,suit for lifepo4 or li-ion batteries 7.can be selected 600mA, suit for different capacity batteries 8.two independent charge channels,may charge different type batteries at the same time This product is designed for lifepo4 and li-ion type batteries only,to avoid personal injury and damage, do not charge any alkaline,zinc chloride or zinc carbon type batteries. Do not expose the charger to rain or moisture. Do not use the charger if it has received a sharp blow, been dropped,or damaged in any way. To reduce risk of shock,disconnect the power cord from outlet before attempting any cleaning of the charger. Do not charge a leaking,corroded or dead battery.

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