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Ficklampshölster med nytänkande. Ett hölster som kan roteras i bältet utan att lösgöras. Har reservbatteri hållare och är Höger/vänster neutralt. Material: plast<br> Vikt: 158gr Färg: Svart Tillverkarens ord: The Flashlight Holster is tailored for you to securely clasp your flashlights (of a wide range of dimensions) without compromising flexibility of rotating them. Through a spring lock system, simply rotate your flashlight to any angle you like in the blink of an eye and even use it without the need of taking it out. What is more, the combined battery box allows you to put three CR123A batteries. Features: >The flashlight holster is accompanied with a battery box. >The flashlight holster can rotate 360º. >Put the flashlight holster on left or right just according to your own preference. >The flashlight holster can hold flashlight of three diameter ranges of any lengths. a. 28mm-31mm b. 24.5mm-27mm c. 21.5mm-24mm >Rotate your flashlight to any angle and switch it on directly. >Holster multiple devices with a flashlight, will not damage the appearance of friction. >Take out the holster without the need of loosen your belt (simply rotate it to 90º).

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